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Over 100 years experience.

PillPacPlus was born in 2014 but our experience in healthcare services goes back a long way before then. Between us, we have over 100 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. PillPacPlus was started, and is still owned by Pharmacists.

Stephen & Gillian have been running pharmacies in Ballymena for over 15 years.

"We really wanted to provide a better way to help our patients manage their medication as we realised that the traditional methods for medication dispensing were not up to the quality that our customers deserved.

After months of research, we decided that the sachet system was the best for our patients as it has been provided across the world with great success. Then things started to grow... We began sachet production in our central pharmacy in Ballymena, Northern Ireland with a small number of patients and within a few months we found ourselves supplying over 500 patients with their medication in the sachets prepared by ‘Hewbert’ the robot. We realised very quickly just how much of a positive impact these sachets had on our patients, so we decided to start working in partnership with other pharmacies across the country to make this product widely available. It is our desire to have the PillPacPlus service available to everyone across the UK and Ireland."

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Meet our team

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Gillian Gracey - Director

A community pharmacist at heart, Gillian also has a background in the pharmaceutical industry creating sterile products and solid dosage forms. PillPacPlus was born in community pharmacy in response to the increasing demand for compliance assistance in nursing homes and the community.

Gillian Gracey
team member

Stephen Burns - Director

Still working in community pharmacy, Stephen manages one of the highest volume dispensing pharmacies in Northern Ireland. Stephen is passionate to see pharmacies embracing new forms of automation and loves to show potential customers his workflow in Ballee Pharmacy.

Stephen Burns
team member

Paul McSorley - Head of Sales and Marketing

Paul is an enthusiastic sales and marketing manager with experience across Europe selling pharmaceutical devices and automation systems. Paul is a familiar face in Irish pharmacy, having previously worked for Sangers and Alliance Healthcare.

Paul McSorley
Head of Sales and Marketing
team member

Neil Montgomery - Head of Digital

Neil is an experienced software developer who loves creating solutions for pharmacy and care. Neil brings years of valuable experience to the PillPacPlus team, managing and developing software systems which make life more simple for healthcare professionals.

Neil Montgomery
Head of Digital
team member

David Gracey - Head of Innovation & Design

David Gracey
Head of Innovation & Design
team member

William Rice - Head of Servicing & Maintenance

William is passionate about customer care and a real expert when it comes to robot-maintenance and repairs. Whether it’s on the phone or in person, you can be sure that William will go the extra mile to fix your mechanical or technical problems.

William Rice
Head of Servicing & Maintenance
team member

Claire Gillen - Product Implementation & Support

Claire works alongside our care homes to ensure that our eMAR app, PillPacCare is rolled out and implemented smoothly. Claire leads our training for PillPacCare, spending an average of 3 days on site to guarantee quick and easy roll out.

Claire Gillen
Product Implementation & Support
team member

Andrew Murray - Digital Media & Marketing

Andrew works alongside our partners in Pharmacy & care to tell their stories online to create dynamic, engaging content and boost their business and presence online.

Andrew Murray
Digital Media & Marketing
team member

Adam Sloan - Robot Technician

Adam heads up our biannual servicing program. Each of our pharmacy customers receives 2 services per year, whereby Adam ensures that the most important parts of sachet robots are working properly.

Adam Sloan
Robot Technician
team member

David Farquhar - Frontend Developer

David is a front end developer, passionate about creating effective user interfaces and engaging workflows. David values design and process optimisation within PillPacCare.

David Farquhar
Frontend Developer