Helping Domiciliary Care staff

The PillPacPlus system provides a patient with all their medication in an easy to use, recyclable dispenser. Each of our sachets are clearly labeled with the time, date and medication names, colour and shape. No more filling pillboxes or fiddling around with loose tablets, simply tear off the next sachet at the correct time and the patient takes the medication. The sachets are individually tailored for each patient. If there is a treatment that cannot be placed into a sachet, we can print a reminder sachet at a specific time in the strip, which is empty but has a note to remind the user of the medication.

Increase efficiency

Using PillPacPlus sachets can improve the efficiency of your working staff and overall business model. We believe that carers are highly valuable to a patients’ overall health in their own home and using PillPacPlus sachets increases employee efficiency. The carer does not need to sort medication for the patient; this is already done and allows more time during the visit for actual care.

Potential to expand your client portfolio

With the introduction of PillPacPlus sachets, carers need less time to focus on medication. This means they will have more time to offer care to the patient or provide care to new patients. Growing your client portfolio is something that would be assisted by the use of PillPacPlus sachets and enables your business to continue to grow in a tough economic climate.

Help and support from PillPacPlus

As a company, PillPacPlus want to help you provide the best possible care to your clients. Together we can change how patients are cared for in their own home. PillPacPlus will be there to assist you throughout the journey and help your business reach new heights.


Arrange a consultation

We feel that now is the perfect time to recruit a domiciliary care provider to work along side and help introduce our sachets into their business. We have the same overarching goal as health professionals, to provide the best possible care to patients in their own home. We feel that together, we can combine our knowledge and expertise to introduce a new approach to medicine management and care.

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