How PillPacPlus works once you sign up

PillPacPlus has been designed and built on the principle of making medication simple. We offer a complete pharmacy solution using innovative technologies and a really simple process. While robots are a massive help we believe that it is really important that you have pharmacists that care about your wellbeing and take the time to walk you through every stage of the process so you know exactly what to expect from us.


Sign up to PillPacPlus

Step One - Register your interest

In a couple of minutes you can fill out our contact form with a few of your details (or you can register for someone else if you are a carer, family member). You tell us when to contact you and one of our pharmacists will call you and talk you through the process and how to complete your sign up. You will also verify that it is ok for us to contact your GP to discuss your treatment.


Step Two - Creating your personal plan

We’ll talk through your prescriptions with you and together we work out a plan for managing your medication. That means we can plan what times of the day suit you best and programme your sachets to work around your everyday life. 

We’ll contact your GP and confirm your prescription. Once we recieve your prescription we can beign to create your sachets.

PillPacPlus planning