What is PillPacPlus?

PillPacPlus is a new way to think about managing medication in the UK and Ireland. With a combination of the latest technologies already used across the world, experienced pharmacists and simple packaging we have created a new way for patients and their carers to manage their medication - it’s simpler, it’s safer...it’s better.

Your medication sorted

We take your prescriptions and organise them by day and time in simple tear off sachets.

We double-double check

We double check everything the robot does and some of our pharmacies now have eVision. It takes a picture of every sachet to make sure it’s correct

Pop in and collect

After a quality control check we’ll get in touch and you can collect your box. You can also talk to your pharmacist about our delivery options available.

Repeat Prescriptions & Support

We can help with re-ordering and managing the order process with your doctor. Our pharmacists are available via email or phone if you need any help.


It only takes a few minutes to start your registration to become a PillPacPlus patient