How it all began

PillPacPlus was born in 2014 but our experience in healthcare services goes a long way back before then. Between us, we have over 40 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. PillPacPlus started with Stephen, Gillian and Lindsay (who own the company) and have been running pharmacies in Ballymena for 8 years. We really wanted to provide a better way to help our patients manage their medication as we realised that the traditional methods for medication dispensing were not up to the quality that our customers deserved. 

After months of research, we decided that the sachet system was the best for our patients as it has been provided across the world with great success. Then things started to grow...

We began sachet production in our central pharmacy in Ballymena, Northern Ireland with a small number of patients and within a few months we found ourselves supplying over 500 patients with their medication in the sachets prepared by ‘Hewbert’ the robot. We realised very quickly just how much of a positive impact these sachets had on our patients, so we decided to start working in partnership with other pharmacies across the country to make this product widely available. It is our desire to have the PillPacPlus service available to everyone across the UK and Ireland. If you would be interested in connecting your pharmacy to the PillPacPlus network take a look here.

With our expertise and use of new technologies we are able to offer better care and support to our patients and their carers.

At PillPacPlus the patient comes first – each customer is treated as an individual and their medication needs are at the heart of the service we provide. The members of staff at PillPacPlus are all qualified pharmacists who want to provide the best possible product and service for each individual.


Meet the PillPacPlus team


Stephen Burns, PillPacPlus Pharmacist

Stephen Burns, Pharmacist

Since qualifying in 2000, Stephen has worked in community pharmacy with Bairds Chemist in Whiteabby and East Belfast. He took one year out of community pharmacy to develop a practice pharmacist role before returning to community pharmacy when Ballee Pharmacy opened in 2009. Stephen is committed to patient centred care and support with taking medication correctly and firmly believes pharmacy plays a key role. It is with this in mind PillPacPlus came about.

Gillian Gracey, PillPacPlus Pharmacist

Gillian Gracey, Pharmacist

Gillian qualified in 1985 and after working in community pharmacy for two years she moved into the pharmaceutical industry where she worked in product development and medicines licensing. After this she returned to our community pharmacy helping to look after our nursing home patients. With the opening of our pharmacy in Ballee in 2009, we became aware of the needs of the community around us and started looking for a way to provide better services to our patients. This led us towards PillPacPlus and begun our new service.

Lindsay Gracey, PillPacPlus Pharmacist

Lindsay Gracey, Pharmacist

Lindsay qualified in 1984 and worked for a small independent pharmacy chain for 9 years before purchasing his own pharmacy. He has served as chairman of his Local Health and social care group and is a former chairman of Community Pharmacy Northern Ireland. Lindsay believes that the community pharmacist is best placed to advise and assist patients with their medication. He looks forward to the development of a patient registration model cementing the relationship between pharmacist and patient, ensuring patient safety and continuity of care which are especially important in the ageing population. Lindsay is particularly excited to see how PillPacPlus can help the patient remain safely in their own home.


Steph Slevin, PillPacPlus Pharmacist

Stephanie Slevin, Pharmacist

Steph is a third-generation pharmacist and joined Ballee Pharmacy three years ago after a period of working across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Also, she recently obtained her post-graduate certificate in pharmacist independent and supplementary prescribing. She was attracted to working for PillPacPlus due to the level of enthusiasm and innovation for improving patients care. As a pharmacist Steph wanted to be part of a dedicated team to who really care for their patients and at PillPacPlus, we put our patient first.

Gillian Murray, PillPacPlus Pharmacist

Gillian Murray, Pharmacist

After qualifying as a pharmacist in 2014, Gillian joined the team at PillPacPlus where her main role involves the organisation and production of PillPacPlus sachets. Gillian enjoys providing a service which promotes medication compliance and provides a high standard of patient care.

David Gracey, PillPacPlus Engineer

David Gracey, Engineer

David graduated from the UUJ with a first class honors degree in mechanical engineering. He has experience in Innovation & Product development, Manufacturing processes and Technical sales and services. This experience has lead him to PillPacPlus where he is excited at being able to aid in the creation and implementation of new products and services which dramatically improve the level of care and simplification of medication which patients receive from their community pharmacies.

Find a PillPacPlus Pharmacy

Don’t worry if there are no PillPacPlus pharmacies in your area just yet, you can still use our service. Get in touch with us to find out how it works.

Find a pharmacy

Find a PillPacPlus Pharmacy

Don’t worry if there are no PillPacPlus pharmacies in your area just yet, you can still use our service. Get in touch with us to find out how it works.

Find a pharmacy