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At PillPacPlus, we believe that technology can help us as pharmacists to provide better care and support for our patients. We have invested a considerable amount of time and money both in research and resources to improve our patients’ medicine management. By using the very best packaging technology we have moved from manually filling pillboxes to an automated production of sachets, saving considerable time and money. 

Using the robot to fill individualised sachets for each patient means that our pharmacists are no longer filling pillboxes but are providing advice and care to our patients. Although the process is automated, we have pharmacists using the software of the robot and handling the medication. 

The sachets are produced in a strip and each sachet has the correct medication placed in it by the robot. The sachets are individualised for each patient and has their name on the front. Each sachet also has the medication content, shape and colour as well as the time of day that sachet is for and the date. This means that patients are no longer confused when taking their medication as the strip of sachets are in chronological order.

Whether you are a small independent pharmacy or a large business with multiple pharmacies, we have a PillPacPlus solution for you!

Regardless if you are a pharmacy that provides a small number of patients with pillboxes or a pharmacy with hundreds of patients, we have a large variation of robots to suit your needs. These range from the mini-FSP, which has 7 variable canister bases for medication to the Robotik 500, which has 440 fixed canisters and 60 variable canisters for medication. Full training for robot use is provided.


Data Spec Sheets for our PillPacPlus Robots


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