Our Products & Services


Making Medication Simple.

Sachet Dispensing Robots

We offer a range of high quality sachet dispensing robots. We supply everything you need to start providing compliance aids in pouches along every step of the way - from the initial sale of the machine to implementation, support and a full training package for every staff member who needs it. At PillPacPlus we make automated systems simple.

Servicing & Support

We value peace of mind as much as our customers. Because of this, we have a team of specialist, highly trained engineers at hand, ready to assist our customers with any issues they encounter. We also offer regular support lines, a live chat support feature and biannual robot servicing.


We supply a wide range of consumables for our customers to ensure that your pouching business runs smoothly. We provide everything your business needs - cellophane, ink ribbon, sachet boxes, ISO wipes and amendment tape.

Canister exchange

We understand the supply issues of medicines in the UK after Brexit. Because of this, we offer a canister exchange program which saves your pharmacy both time and money by recalibrating your canisters to ensure that new drugs and brands can be used with old canisters.

Medicine Detection System

These camera systems increase the safety and efficiency of pouch packaging and are quick and easy to use. They are a compact and user-friendly system developed to work easily with various pouch robots. They photograph every sachet before leaving the pharmacy - validating that the contents are correct according to the prescription.

PillPacCare (eMAR)

Designed in partnership with the care sector, PillPacCare our Electronic Medication Administration Record application makes daily medication rounds within care settings safe and simple. PillPacCare is the UK’s only eMAR fully integrated with medication in pouches, but also works effectively with medication in original packs and blister packs. Electronic, real-time recording ensures instant and accurate communication between care staff and their Pharmacy. Stock level tracking is meticulous which simplifies auditing processes & highlights discrepancies swiftly.


Digital media is becoming more and more important in the modern age. Having a substantial presence online is one of the most effective sales aids you can have. Whether it’s introducing new customers to products, reminding current customers of your services or sharing public health messages, social media and websites are effective and accessible to almost every patient. Online advertisement and marketing is more effective and targeted than any billboard or poster. We are PillPacMedia - Ireland’s only healthcare-specific media company. We work alongside pharmacy and care to provide bespoke, tailored marketing campaigns to deliver your services to the patients who need them most.